Birdwatcher's yearbook

Hi guys,
Just to let you know that I've given this site a plug in the forthcoming 2011 Birdwatcher's Yearbook.
Any chance you can make it a bit more user friendly? My bank doesn't need a password that devious to allow me access. Do you really **need** that level of security?
Gordon Hamlett


I agree entirely that the password is too restrictive. I have to add bells and whistles to mine to satisfy requirements and I'm bound to forget them.


Hi Rob,

Apologies for the security checks, but we get a lot of unwanted spam and rogue registrations that need to be filtered out. Actually the password classification as 'weak' or 'strong' is for guidance only - you don't have to use a strong password - one letter will suffice. At least no one is going to pinch your credit card details from this site! You can change your password to something simpler in 'My Account' on the left hand side.

Now I know you are genuine I have changed your registration from 'Authenticated User' to 'Friend' which should also reduce some of the barriers! Thanks for your records and let me know if you get any further problems.

Colin (Hawkwatch Webmaster)